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Record and Share Lectures Tutorials or Course Work

High quality video and audio is saved directly into your gmail account

Live Stream Lectures

Participants can engage with Live Steam Presentations

Upload directly to moodle

Allow students and lectures to updated directly to their personal moodle accounts 


Add subtitles to any video using our custom backend


There's so much to love

A remarkably versatile product that allows you to do so much


Control panel for managing campus wide cameras and setting user permissions


Easy lecture, tutorial capture, storage
and distribution 


Organise videos in an enterprise fashion via Cloud storage

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Unicam Demo

See how the Unicam system can with the minimum of fuss create a recording from an in-situ IP Camera and upload to a users GDrive account, all in 2 clicks.


  • share recordings directly to Moodle

    We allow users to share recordings with other lecturers or students and upload them directly to your own Moodle accounts

  • cloud storage such as Gmail

    Save Video to your College cloud storage provider which could be Google Drive or other

  • Apps work with iOS Android & Windows 

    All our products work with tablets from Apple, Android and Windows 

  • Live Stream lectures or events 

    Choose camera and record footage: Communicates with IP cameras across campus

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Kind words from our valuable customers

  • “The school of nursing in DCU have very specific requirements around the recording and distribution of training videos. When we went looking for a partner to develop the necessary software and services, uni.cam displayed excellent innovative thinking and technical ability and their 'uni.cam' solution was exactly what we needed. Their team were very professional, responsive and their services are cost-effective”

    Ger Cannon
    School Of Nursing